Care Guide

Care Guide
  • Prevention is better than cure – try to keep as much dirt off your rug as possible in order to prolong the life of the rug. Bring in a no shoes rule or place durable door mats or rubber mats at all entries

  • Vacuuming is the best way to keep dirt from embedding in your rug. If possible use a vacuum with a hose or soft brush that will loosen dirt on the surface. Look for a vacuum with good suction to penetrate right through the pile removing all dirt. Keep vacuum brushes clean and check the heads for rough edges that might cause damge to the rug. If there is one section of the rug that gets more use then rotate the rug regularly.  Over-cleaning and vacuuming will increase rug shredding and can damage the wool fibres.

  • For spillages soak up with kitchen roll or any absorbant material as soon as possible. blot th liquid dont rub the stain in.

  • Do not use bleach. Use cleaners that are for carpets and rugs only. Keep cleaning agent away from furniture.

  • Ensure that you use the cleaning solution strength recommended as increasing the strength can cause accelerated staining 

  • Rinse all detergent thoroughly from the rug to prevent fibre damage 

  • Do not over wet the rug as this may cause separation of the backing or the edging, discolouration, shrinkage and odour problems 

  • For expensive rugs or rugs that are very dirty then professional cleaning is the best option

  • Any damage caused by spillage and cleaning does not come under the guarantee of the rug

  • As with anything wear and tear will occur over time but with prevention measure such as no shoes, eating or drinking on the rugs will prolong the life of your rug.

  • Please be aware if you have pets this can cause hairs and pulling of the fibres on your rug.

     Please take a look at the label on the back of your rug for any extra care instructions or warranty details.